Mindfulness in Context

Serge Prengel interviews me about mindfulness’s relationship to Western Buddhist Modernism.

Buddhism and Human Flourishing

In this March 2020 Secular Buddhism podcast, Ted Meissner interviews me about my book, Buddhism and Human Flourishing.

Tricycle Podcast

Tricycle Editor/Publisher James Shaheen interviews me about my Spring 2021 Tricycle article, The Best Possible Life.

Death Dhamma Podcast

“Carpooling with Death” author Margaret Meloni interviews me about death and grief.

New Bools Review Podcast: Buddhism and Human Flourishing

Jack Petranker, Director of the Center for Creative Inquiry and the Mangalam Research Center, interviews me about Buddhism and Human Flourishing in this June 2021 Interview

AMRA Podcast

AMRA (The American Mindfulness Research Association) President David Black, PhD interviews me on Buddhism and and the current state of mindfulness in Western psychology.