Journal and Magazine Articles

Postive Psychology and Buddhism

from the Handbook of Positive Psychology, Religion, and Spirituality (Springer, 2022)

The Best Possible Life (Tricycle, 2021)

A Naturalized Eudaimonic Version of Western Buddhist Modernism

Why I Am Not a Secular Buddhist (Secular Buddhist Network, 2020)

Why I do not consider my naturalized, eudaimonic interpretation of Buddhism to be a identical to Secular Buddhism

On Some Differences Between Insight Meditation and Zen (The Existential Buddhist, 2018)

A More Enlightened Way of Being (Tricycle, Winter, 2016)

This article explores Western Buddhist modernist ethics in the context of the eudaimonic enlightenment ideal.

Mindfulness and Self-Development in Psychotherapy (Journal of Transpersonal Psychology, 2005)

This article illustrates how mindfulness aids self-development in psychotherapy.

What's Buddhist About Buddhist Social Activism? (Turning Wheel, 2004)

How is Buddhist social activism different from other types of social activism?

Psychotherapy Practice as Buddhist Practice

A chapter from Encountering Buddhism: Western Psychology and Buddhist Teachings (SUNY Press, 2003).